• When Giants Fall. An Economic Roadmap For The End Of The American Era

When Giants Fall. An Economic Roadmap For The End Of The American Era

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In When Giants Fall, Panzner makes his case for the turbulent economic changes that will be occurring over the next few years and examines the resulting economic opportunities

According to Panzner, the economic changes will be widespread

Businesses will struggle amid wars, shortages, logistical disruptions, and a breakdown of the established monetary order

For many people, it will be nothing short of a modern Dark Ages, where each day brings fresh anxieties, unfamiliar risks, and a sense of foreboding

However, for those enlightened few who understand what is really going on and what happens next, the chaotic years ahead represent the opportunity of a lifetime a time when they can realize goals they never thought possible and achieve a level of wealth, security, and inner peace that will leave them head-and-shoulders above everyone else

In this book, Panzner offers cutting-edge insights and strategies that will enable readers to stay well ahead of the game during the uniquely unsettling period ahead.

Individuals will be forced to rethink livelihoods, lifestyles, living arrangements, and locales

Political structures will be in flux, as local leaders gain influence at the expense of national authorities


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